The Hill House

Last week I visited the beautiful Hill House in Helensburgh. My lovely friend Julie who works there gave me a guided tour and I can't believe that I haven't visited before now. 

It is "universally regarded as Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s finest domestic creation." Everything within the house including decorative schemes, furniture and fireplaces were designed by Mackintosh too. 

His wife, Margaret Macdonald also designed many of the textiles within the house and a beautiful fireplace panel in the sitting room. Most of the house looks as it would have in 1904.

In the upstairs hallway there is a lovely little enclave that children would have used as a stage. My children would adore this feature in our house now as most children love to perform.

You are only allowed to take pictures outside and I managed to clip together this shot of the house. This outing reminded me that I would like to get a 25-70mm lense for my camera as I needed a wider angle than my wee 50mm. That's on my long list of wants.


Lomond paper co - The Hill House

Lomond Paper Co - the Hill House

This drawing hangs on the wall inside The Hill House showing Mackintosh's original drawings of the building.

I love the squares and lines depicted in a lot of his designs. They can be seen in chairs and doors throughout the building.

Lomond paper co - Mackintosh Furniture

I feel a lot of the designs still look modern now. Below are some textile designs that I also really like.

Lomond paper co - Mackintosh Textile designs

If you want to know more please visit National Trust Scotland's website

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