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Naked Cards

You may have been hearing a lot about Naked Cards. If you haven’t where have you been? x Well it speaks for itself and it’s all about cutting down unnecessary waste and that certainly includes the cello wrappers that protect cards. If you want to know more about this movement click here. I would never have heard of Naked Cards is it wasn’t for a fellow creative Niki at Hiya Pal cards, so thank you x If I’m honest I feel I should have done this a while ago. Having done an Environmental Studies Degree, I know how beneficial recycling...

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Office Tidy Up

Recently I have been working in a bit of mess and I tend to get to a point where I just can't concentrate anymore, and I have to get it sorted out. I have to say my studio is not that glamorous but it is cosy. I don't get much light so I have lots of lamps. I use the wall in front of my desk to stick pictures up that my girls have drawn or things that are inspiring me x You can't even see my desk x I've had the light box out this week taking product photos....

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2019 Wall Planners

The 2019 Wall Planners this year have a botanical folk theme as I am still LOVING everything folk. My Pinterest folk board is so full. I have made two planners this year, one colour and one black and white. The colour planner was the most popular on my instagram stories but I also had a few black and white ones printed for everyone that loves the monochrome look. I hope you like them x 2019 A2 Wall Planner - Colour A2 2019 Wall Planner - Black & White

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Isle of Harris - Luskentyre

Those of you on Instagram probably saw my stories last week, covered in images of the Isle of Harris. We went away with my sister and her family for the week and stayed in a wee cottage called Seaside House on Luskentyre beach. The beaches are amazing and we were lucky enough to have one day where the weather was perfect. The sand was white and the sea was turquoise. The sun rose early and set late and the days seemed endless. On our visit we saw lots of wildlife which entertained the kids no end - jellyfish, dolphins, huge...

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New Work

Well I have finally got round to creating a PIN. I have been wondering about creating a pin for a long time, thinking is it just a faze, should I do it, should I not! Exhausting! I eventually stopped procrastinating and just got on with it. Don't think just do, should be my slogan for life. Anyway as I love the folk style so much I went for a folk flower pin. I also have a few new cards up in my shop x

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