Time Management

Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! This is a total nightmare subject for me at the moment as the kids have started their summer holidays and I still have work to do but they need entertaining. Yikes, time management is difficult when you have children and you work from home. You have to be very disciplined and I have to say I don't seem to be getting it right just now. It's a juggling act.

A few things that help me with time management are phone apps. The one I use is called ATracker - Daily Task and Time tracking. I also use a time calculator called H&M Lite.

Lomond Paper Co - Time Managment Apps

I also tend to wake up early 6am and do an hours work before the children get up and then work later on in the evenings too.

My weekly planner helps me plan my time. I sometimes do a weekly plan on a Sunday and then do an ACTUAL plan of what really happens as it rarely tally's up. This shows me where I am going wrong. I like to exercise at least four times a week too and slotting this in is tricky but I have to do this for my sanity. I like to use highlighters for different activities i.e work (pink), exercise (blue), housework (pink/yellow) etc. Here is an example of how I write out my weekly planner. This roughly works out to be 23 hours a week as I think I manage 4 and a half hours a day after taking the girls to school and breaks in the day. I can safely say in the school holidays I think I am lucky if I do 12 hours a week but to be honest holiday time isn't busy and I do want to be with my children.

Lomond Paper Co - Planner

Lomond Paper Co - Panning

Any tips on time management please let me know.


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