NEW Cards for Summer....

I have a few NEW cards for you and I was deliberating not releasing them until the NEW YEAR as sometimes deigns just don't emerge but I have lots of ideas so it should be okay. Well I hope you like these I am trying to re-design a few old ones currently. Really think I must next think about Christmas..... eeek! I always leave it until the last minute....

Lomond Paper Co. Summer Flowers Card Set x 6
So I decided to bring these out in an BLANK card set of 6. I also have this design as a set of 6 Happy Birthday Cards.
Lomond Paper Co. - Plant Lover Greeting Card
Lomond Paper Co. - Cool Plant Lady Happy Birthday Card
David at Plantaholics suggested some plant cards would be good
so I hope you like them....
Lomond Paper Co. Have A Lovely Birthday Greeting card
This is a wee update on an older card. I changed the lettering from Peaceful to Lovely and I have updated the wallpaper background.
Lomond Paper Co - Happy Birthday To You Dachshund
A NEW one for you. I just liked the design and thought you might too...
Lomond Paper Co. - You're A Winner Card
A wanted a fresh NEW Winner Card so here it is...
Lomond Paper Co. Thank You Flowers Greeting card     
A NEW thank you card and I'm soo sorry card with a pretty floral border..
Lomond Paper Co. - She Believed She Could So She Did Greeting card     Lomond Paper Co. - Life Is Tough So Are You Greeting Card
She Believed She Could So She Did was made with my daughter Sophie in mind who is about to take exams but I thought it also looked nice with the words Life Is Tough So Are You....
Lomond Paper Co - Scottish Bothy Colour Greeting card    Lomond Paper Co. - Scottish Bothy Monochrome Greeting card
Two NEW Bothy cards that also make up a set of 6 bothy cards shown below
Lomond Paper Co - Scottish Bothy Greeting Card set of 6
More Bothy cards was suggested by Isabella at The Modern Croft. Thanks for your suggestions it always helps so if you have anymore do get in touch.
Hope you like them all.....15 NEW cards in total x

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