The Great Scottish Run

I managed to finish the great Scottish run last Sunday which is a bonus. I also raised £780 for MND Scotland which is truly amazing and I have to thank everyone for their kind donations.

Sunday morning was chilly and a wee bit foggy up until midday when the sun finally came out for the start of the run. I ran in a PINK bib which basically meant I was at the back and our race started at around 11.50am. The race starts with you all running up Vincent Street and there is just a massive sea of people. Its fab to be part of and the atmosphere was amazing. My race was going well until about mile 8/9 and my legs became like lead weights and they just didn’t want to do what my brain was telling them too. At mile 11 there was a walk in shower it was great to run through and really cooled you off. I literally shuffled the last 4/5 miles to get a time of 1 hour 54 minutes which I was very pleased with. I remember thinking how do people run marathons?!? When it was tough at the end I also thought of Dad.

I have done half marathons before but that was my toughest yet so do I want to do another one? YES, I do so watch this space.

Lomond Paper Co. - Great Scottish Run

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