Glen Stridle Horseshoe Walk - Luss

On Saturday as the forecast was sunshine we decided to go for a lovely walk near Luss. There is a walk called the horseshoe which we decided to have a go at and it climbs Beinn Dubh. The girls started off very enthusiastically! It is a bit of climb and the walk takes on three big hills one after another. It’s so deceptive as you really think you have reached the top and you go over the ridge and there in front of you is another BIG hill! It did get a little demoralising if I’m honest but we all made it and the views are so worth it. Here are some pictures of our walk.

Lomond paper co - Luss walk

The islands in Loch Lomond looked lovely. We would love to explore them on a boat.

Lomond paper co - Luss Walk

Lomond paper co - Luss Walk

Ben Lomond

Lomond paper co - Luss Walk

On the way down Lee spotted this amazing Deer crossing our path. I just managed to get a photo of its backside.

If you fancy having a go at this walk. Visit this website We walked up and down and didn't do the full loop as I'm not sure the girls could make it.

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