I thought it might be fitting (excuse the pun) for me to write a post on running as I am doing the Great Scottish Half Marathon this weekend. I am running for MND Scotland and if you fancy sponsoring me please take a look at my just giving page. The photo below isn't me but one of my good friends Emma who actually featured in Women's Running Magazine. I will post some pictures of me once I have done the run.

emma running

Anyone who knows me knows I run on a regular basis. They may however not know why I run. I have many friends that enjoy running but I also have many friends who don’t and think I’m bonkers. Well, I run not only to feel physically fitter and to keep up with my children but it also keeps me sane! Running gives you head space to just be in the moment and to feel present. Exercise outside is the best medicine there is to keep you mentally and physically fit and all you need to do is put on your trainers wherever you might be and go. It really doesn’t matter if you are shuffling you are still moving forward.

MND is a horrible disease that over period of time slowly wastes your muscles so you end up not being able to move at all. My dad who passed away from MND at 52 was a very fit and healthy man. He didn’t smoke only drank a little and exercised on a regular basis (we were similar in lots of ways). When I am running I think of him often. He would have LOVED to be able to run as would many others so I also run for those who can no longer run and I think how grateful I am that I still can.

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