#MarchMeetTheMaker - Day 1 to Day 5

I’m excited to be taking part in #marchmeetthemaker! (Visit the website here). I shall attempt to follow Joanne Hawker's list and let you know a bit more about myself and my work throughout the whole of March! 

{Day 1} - YOU
My name is Sarah and I run Lomond Paper Co. I create illustrated stationery and paper goods and I just LOVE to draw. I have recently been drawing more on my IPad Pro in Procreate but I also love drawing with pens and painting with watercolour and gouache. I live with my husband and two daughters in Scotland where I have a studio room in our house.

Lomond Paper Co. - MarchMeetTheMaker 2018

{Day 2} - WHERE
I live on the West Coast of Scotland near the sea and its sooo beautiful here. I am not Scottish though I'm English and I have lived here for 10 years. I used to live near Cambridge in East Anglia. I love everything about Scotland. The people and the landscape in equal measure. When I first moved here I was stunned that more people didn't visit this area. It's truly beautiful and wild. I went travelling after University and it feels very much like New Zealand. The weather can be interesting at times though. 

Lomond Paper Co. - MarchMeetTheMaker 2018

 I started Lomond Paper Co. in December 2015 as I knew it was something that I had always wanted to do. After having children I thought now was the right time to begin something new and give myself a fresh challenge. I also wanted something that worked around my children as I wanted to be around them as much as possible. My eldest daughter Sophie also loves drawing and I wanted her to see me pursuing my dream.

I have no qualifications in design I am self-taught. I did a science degree and whilst half way through I knew I should have done something art related but I also wanted to finish my degree. I was always drawn towards the arts and graphics projects more than anything else. I was always made to feel that creative jobs wouldn't pay well.

I love making everything. When you get to do what, you love every day you love everything. I think I love to draw botanicals the best and I am slightly obsessed with leaves I have hundreds of photographs of different shaped leaves. My sisters tease me all the time about this.

Well I love taking photos and I tend to use my IPhone 7 Plus all the time. I have a lovely Rifle Paper Co. case for the phone which you can see here. I think the IPhone has just got better and better for taking photos and it goes everywhere with me. I also use my Nikon D5100 which is so good. The lens I love to use is a 50mm.

Lomond Paper Co. - MarchMeetTheMaker 2018

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