#MarchMeetTheMaker - Day 6 to 10

I’m excited to be taking part in #marchmeetthemaker! (Visit the website here). If you would like to see days 1-5 click here.


My workspace has just evolved this week. I've had been thinking for a while now that I need a separate area just for drawing and painting. Just so that I can leave everything out and not put it away. My lovely husband created that for me just this week. Its right in front of the window so it has great light.

Lomond Paper Co. - #MarchMeetTheMaker Day 6 to 10

{Day 7} - ROUTINE

This is hard one when you have children. The routine can be disrupted at any time so you do have to learn quickly to just go with the flow. I tend to use Monday through to Wednesday as my work days’ form 9am-2.30am. I sometimes get up at 6am and work until 7.15am and then evenings from 8-9pm sometimes too. I leave Thursday and Friday FREE. I do a Pilates class on a Thursday and have some free time with friends. On a Friday, I tend to go for a long trail run with a friend and help at the school doing Cross Country Running. I tend to leave the weekends free too to be with family. I don't work all ours as I believe life is too short and I need to have some time out. My work is better that way. I also know that as my children get bigger I can dedicate more time to the business.

{Day 8} - FLATLAY

I think Flat lays look easy but they take so much thought and planning. For all of my flat lays I have used my Farmhouse Photo Board from PhotoBoards.  I want the cards to seem like they have been photographed on the Bothy Floor. I love the rustic quality of the board. 

Lomond Paper Co. - #MarchMeetTheMaker Days 6-10

{Day 9} - HOW IT'S MADE

All my illustrations start in a sketchbook or I start drawing in Procreate. I have downloaded some great gouache brushes from Creative Market to use in Procreate. I use these most of the time. When I have finished the design, I transfer it into Adobe Photoshop and edit some more. Then I use Adobe InDesign to layout the cards and send them off to the printers. I use a local printer as the quality of laser printing is a lot better than my inkjet printer. Although I have just invested in a much better printer and I am much happier with the quality now.

Lomond Paper Co. - #MarchMeetTheMaker Day 6 to 10

{Day 10} - TIME TO RELAX

If I'm honest I do find it hard to relax. I must be away from my house to relax properly as there is always something to do. I love running and it's release for me. I think it helps me physically and mentally. I also love to read and I am ADDICTED to drinking TEA. There could be worse things to be addicted to. I think living here in Scotland relaxes me as its just such an amazing place to live. 

Lomond Paper Co. - #MarchMeetTheMaker Day 6 to 10


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