15 Day Drawing Challenge - Week 3

Well it's the last week of my drawing challenge. If I'm honest there's been highs and lows. It has kept me drawing and I want to try doing something similar everyday. The hardest thing has been not being afraid to put your work out there. The drawings aren't perfect, but the more I draw hopefully the better they will become.

Day 11 - Favourite childhood story book

Day 11 - Favourite childhood story book. I loved this book as a child. It was truly magical to me. I should have asked my talented sister to help me draw the characters.

Day 12 - the mountains

Day 12 - The Mountains

Day 13 - Food I like

Day 13 - Food I like. Anyone who knows me well will know that I just LOVE tea and cake

Day 14 - moon & stars

Day 14 - Moon & Stars

Day 15 - Jars

Day 15 - Jars. I'm not keen on this drawing. It needs some work.

I hope you have enjoyed following my challenge. I think I will do it again next year too as I've really enjoyed it.

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