15 Day Drawing Challenge - Week 2

If you want to join in please do at #15daydrawingchallenge on instagram. Here are my next five drawings for this week.

Lomond Paper Co - Day 6 Drawing Challenge - a cottage

Day 6 - A cottage. I found this little cottage in a small village outside Cambridge. I have added a few things.

Lomond Paper Co. - Day 7 Drawing Challenge - An animal

Day 7 - An Animal. I have been wanting to draw a wee scottie dog for a while and this gave me the perfect excuse.

Lomond Paper Co. - Day 8 Drawing Challenge - A Boat

Day 8 - A Boat. 

Lomond Paper Co. - Day 9 Drawing Challenge - Illustrate a recipe

Day 9 - Illustrate a recipe. This was hard and I don't like it at all. The weird thing is I was really looking forward to doing this drawing but I like it the least! Typical x

Lomond Paper Co. - Day 10 Drawing Challenge - The Ocean

Day 10 - The Ocean. There are so many ways of drawing the sea. I could go on drawing it forever.

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