Walking Ben Ledi

Lomond Paper Co. - Ben Ledi Walk

This weekend we walked up Ben Ledi (I just love the name). Ben Ledi is a Corbett and is 2884 feet high (The Corbetts are peaks in Scotland that are between 2,500 and 3,000 feet). A friend of mine, Fran suggested the walk and we thought why not let’s give it a go. Fran was going along because of a project called ‘The Mountains & The People and there aim is to:

“ To involve the people of Scotland, and beyond, in the enhancement and protection of the wild and special qualities of the mountains within Scotland's National Parks”

The path up Ben Ledi has been recently repaired and there are ongoing works still to complete but just walking the path makes you realise how amazing the work they do is. I don’t know about you but when I’m walking a steep hill or mountain I do consider the work it’s taken to create that path. Ben Ledi is no exception it’s pretty steep. Straight away it’s steep. Literally as soon as we left the car park my girls were moaning, “Oh dear” not a good start. They soon got into it though and once we found our stride and bribery through Haribo’s we were okay. If you have children this seems a MUST for any walk. Never forget sugary sweets!

Last summer we walked up Ben Lomond that was 8 miles this was 6.5 so I knew we could do it. The weather at the bottom was positively balmy compared to the top where it was covered in snow and cloud. You could only see about 50 metres in front of you and the wind was icy cold. Obviously, we had no view at the top but just the sense of achievement is totally worth it. What I loved most was that were all outside for the whole day chatting and enjoying being together. We also got back into Callander and visited Mohr Tearoom which has the most amazing pies and cakes. There is nothing quite like feeling like you have earned your food.


Lomond Paper Co. - Ben Ledi Walk


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