SALE - 12th - 19th of Sept

Hello all, I have decided to have a SALE for my birthday week! I turn 47 on the 13th of September!! Yikes slowly getting nearer to 50 but it's all good x I am actually away this week seeing school friends that I have not seen in ages due to the pandemic but I thought it the perfect week to have a sale as when I come back I can pack up your orders and send them of to you.

Now in the SALE will be the following...

Christmas Skier Cards Pack of 8 cards for £8 (WAS £12) I have a few packs of these. These packs are in the SALE as the fold isn't right in the middle but apart from that they are perfect. I don't think it effects the quality at all x

Leaf Monthly Planner £8.00 (WAS £12.00)
Leaf Monthly Planner
Leaf Weekly Planner £8.00 (WAS £12.00)
Leaf Weekly Planner
Leaf To Do List £6.00 (WAS £8.00)
Leaf Weekly Planner
Meal Planner £8.00 (WAS £12.00) Shopping List £6.00 (WAS £8.00)
Meal Planner & Shopping List
This is a great stocking filler...
Perpetual Desk Calendar £5.00 (WAS £7.00)
Perpetual Desk Calendar
Wildwood UNDATED Calendar £10.00 (WAS £14.50)
Wildwood UNDATED Calendar
Folk Pin £4.00 (WAS £7.99)
Folk Pin
I will also have an assortment of Christmas cards in the sale that I no longer stock so its worth taking a look and there will be a discount on all cards!
Thanks for stopping by x

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