Happy New Year to you all!

Lomond Paper Co. - Happy New Year 2021

Well, this year has been interesting hasn't it? It has been a strange time as my business has grown and flourished which if I am honest came as a surprise. I feel very lucky that I had an online presence when everything started to turn upside down at the end of March. I feel this has been my best asset just being online and shouting every now and again on social media that I am here. I also have some lovely customers that have been really supportive and without that I would not have survived so BIG HUGE THANK YOU.

I feel like I am just beginning to find my voice and have the courage to totally believe in what I am trying to achieve which feels good so I will keep at it. I have lots of plans for this year which I will be finalising over the next few weeks. January is a time for making plans. I am excited to see where this year takes me, and I hope you will join me. It certainly can only get better x

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  • Rowena on

    Hi Sarah,

    My husband bought me one of your lovely card designs through “thortful” for valentine’s day. Thank you. I love it.

    I wanted to ask you a question, and will totally not mind if you don’t want to answer it, but rather than wonder, I decided to ask anyway.

    Do you design in Procreate?

    I have just started using Procreate as I’ve been doing an online Calligraphy course since lockdown started. I used to design and make handmade cards and wedding stationery many moons ago, which I sold through an agent, but never produced digital products. I love Procreate, but I am not sure if it can be used commercially for card design or if everything would need to be vectorised in illustrator.

    I love your card designs and if you decide you want to share your knowledge that would be great, but equally if not I would totally understand.

    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Best wishes


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