Christmas Cards 2020

Christmas cards are LIVE! I know it's early but we have to be organised in this industry otherwise you miss out. I have two new collections of cards for Christmas 2020. The first one I designed like a story. A young girl is wandering through the woods with her wee dog looking for her Christmas Tree.

Girl looking for Christmas Tree
Card Girl Looking for Christmas Tree
Girl pulling Christmas tree home
Girl pulling her Christmas Tree home
The young girl eventually find her Christmas Tree and hauls it home
in her lovely pink sledge.
Girl taking her Christmas Tree home
Girl pulling her Christmas Tree home
Finally the tree is up in her wee home.
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree card
My other collection of cards Xmas & Noel are completely different. I love drawing florals so with these cards I went for deep rich dark colours that contrast with the words Xmas and Noel over the top.
Xmas Card
Xmas Image
Noel Card
Noel card
I hope you like them. Any feedback is appreciated. Every purchase of Christmas cards will see a 10% donation go to MND Scotland. I do this every year to support a charity very close to my family. If you would like to know more about why I support MND Scotland click here.

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