Creating Lomond Paper Co.

When I first realised that I wanted to start a small business,  I read as many books as I could. I also did alot of research on what everyone else was doing. There really is so much fantastic work out there it can be very daunting. However you never know until you try and everyone is going to bring their own unique style with them. This is what I LOVE.
There is an awful lot of things I could cover in this post but I'm going to give you a quick breakdown of what I have found the most useful in helping me create Lomond Paper Co.
I found blogs really helpful for tips. My favourite blog has been Amanda Wright who writes the blog and owns Wit and Whistle (which is a small greeting card and homeware business) writes about how she takes her product shots, started the business etc. and is full of great information. If my business can be anywhere near as good as Wit and Whistle I will be very happy.
The most important part in starting your business I feel is writing out a business plan. I downloaded a copy from the Princes Trust website. I worked through the document and it really helped me to form a plan as to the direction my business should take.
I also found certain books invaluable. The one below "From Passion to Profit - Start Your Business in 6 Weeks or Less" by Claire Hughes, was great in breaking things down and making you think about the essentials. It gives you tick lists to work through each week and you will have your business up and running in 6 weeks!
Branding and style are so important. I remember reading an article on Emily McDowell's blog titled "On Having ideas: Start with your Brand" which really struck a cord. You can find the article here. I would recommend reading the blog and getting a book called "How to Style Your Brand" by Fiona Humberstone. 
"Online Marketing for your Craft Business" by Hilary Pullen is fantastic for giving you insight on how to use a Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ etc. to capture your target audience and channel people towards your website.  I have found it crucial and I am constantly referring to it. 
I have also attended numerous Business Gateway Courses. I think I may have just done all of them! They cover Marketing, Bookkeeping, Pricing for Profit, Social Media. The list goes on and on. They are not only really informative but great for networking and meeting like minded people.
Another important factor is Photography. Your product shots sell you work and with an online business this is so important. I am still learning about this and I really want to do it myself but there are some great professionals out there. Holly Booth is one of them. Have a look at her website and all the different clients she has worked with.

Finally, this is probably the most worthwhile peice of information. Keep a diary of your progress. I downloaded an app called Day One it works on my phone and desktop and whenever I come across anything helpful to my business I write it in my diary. I also write down how I am feeling, how the business is progressing and anything about my business. It keeps everything in one place and its great to look back on to see how far you have come.

Well I hope you have found this helpful obviously this is all just my opinion but I would love to hear yours. This has to be my longest post yet, sorry x Please get in touch with what you have found helpful in starting your craft business. It would be fantastic to hear from you x

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