3D Christmas Star Decoration

Lomond Paper co. - 3D Christmas Star

This week I made these 3D Christmas stars which my children adore and they now want to make millions! I loved making them and they are simple but effective. I have kept mine plain and simple as I like them in white but you can use any paper you like. Just print the templates here on to any paper you desire.

Small Double-sided Star

Large Double-sided Star

What you will need

  • A4/A3 Paper for printing the template onto
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutting knife
  • Paper cutting board
  • Glue
  • Bakers Twine (Optional for hanging)
  • Cellotape
  • Ruler

Lomond paper Co - 3D Stars

Step 1

Cut out the templates carefully. You will need two templates for the double sided star. I cut off the black lines around the sides as they can show up through white paper.

Lomond Paper Co - 3D Stars

Step 2

Score gently with the paper cutting knife or some sharp scissors along the dotted lines. Be careful to do it gently so as not to go through the paper.

Step 3

Gently fold all the creases you have made including the outside flaps that will need gluing.

Lomond Paper Co - 3D Stars

Step 4

Glue all the outside flaps then make the bakers twine loop with some cellotape on the end to attach to one star.

Step 5

Place one star onto on the other and glue them together. You should then be able to pull the star gently into its 3D form.

Lomond Paper Co - 3D Stars


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