Rainbows Everywhere

I have never been a rainbow fan if I'm honest. I like them in nature, sure but the drawn ones, no. The colours are a bit too in your face. At the moment the rainbow is everywhere and I love what it represents. It got me thinking about the rainbow and how you can have a real play with colour so I have made a printable download card for you. This is a great children's activity to keep us occupied whilst in quarantine and a great gift to send to loved ones we are missing and any key workers you know.

To find different colour schemes go on Pinterest and see what you can find. You could go for the traditional rainbow. It's up to you. Here is an example of the traditional rainbow and its colours...

Lomond Paper Co. - Rainbow

I then created my own colour scheme that I preferred over the traditional rainbow. This scheme is a bit retro.

Lomond Paper Co. - Rainbow Colours

I also decided to add some patterns over my colours. You could really go where ever you like with this. Have fun and experiment colouring in the rainbow.

Lomond Paper Co. - Rainbow Pattern


The download I have created can be personalised however you like. I have also made this into card you can now buy in my shop x click here


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