#MarchMeetTheMaker - Day 16 to 20

I’m excited to be taking part in #marchmeetthemaker! (Visit the website here). If you would like to see days 11-14 click here.

{Day 16} - HELPER

My family are my obvious biggest helpers. I get my girls making up cards all the time and my husband too but I’ve actually found the creative group I started locally such a BIG help. Just chatting with other creatives and getting help and support face to face is invaluable so big thank you to the Gather & Blether group.

Lomond Paper co. - #MarchMeetTheMaker 2018 Days 16-20


I have put up a lovely quote here from @katiebeecrafts Such lovely feedback from customers is totally FAB and sooo appreciated when your working on your own so big thank you Katie.

Lomond Paper Co. - #MarchMeetTheMaker 2018 Days 16-20


I get inspired by nature mostly. You can’t beat it. I LOVE leaves and flowers as you can probably tell by the endless things I decorate with them. I’m loving folk art at the moment too. I’m also endlessly inspired by others doing what they LOVE


Well that had to be my family of course. Nothing means anything without them. My husband is my opposite in many ways and that’s why we work well together.


I am LOVING my iPad Pro and Proreate at the moment as it just speeds everything up for me. If I had to draw and paint everything it would take 2/3 times longer. It means I’m getting the results I want a lot quicker. I still love drawing by hand obviously but I’m enjoying the process of things coming together faster with the iPad Pro.

Lomond Paper Co. - #MarchMeetTheMaker 2018 Days 16-20


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