Business Planning - Yikes!

I have been trying to Business Plan this week! Yikes! To be honest I am nowhere near finished (probably because I keep stopping for tea and biscuits as you saw on my Instagram feed. Opps!) I am slowly getting somewhere so I thought I'd share with you a few books that I have read recently that are helping me.

Lomond paper co - books



"The Art of Creative Thinking" by Rod Judkins. I just loved this book as it just turns everything that you are taught in school upside down and makes complete sense to me. My husband has always said that I am illogical and this book confirms it.



"Do/Purpose/ Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more." by David Hieatt. This is a really quick easy read. I read it in one night and it has some great quotes and inspiring ideas.



 "The Handmade Marketplace" by Kari Chapin. This book is helping me with my business plan. It is just laying it all out in simple steps. It is friendly and very conversational and also has lots of interviews and quotes from people that have been there and done it.



Business Planning takes time and mine is work in progress. It's really important though in steering your business in the right direction. I will re-read mine every 6 months just to see if I am on track and progressing my business.

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